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Random Rant: I wasn’t suppose to post this blog until December 1st, but I just heard that SZA was nominated for 5 Grammys! I’m so excited for her that I just could not wait! It makes my heart happy that someone could articulate so many different stages of growth that has affected so many people. Rant over.


I began listening to SZA’s album “CTRL” a few months back. I hadn’t even heard her popular track “Love Galore” on the radio yet. I saw some people talking about her music on Twitter. Then I remembered hearing her on Rihanna’s album.  I always listen to new albums and artist the same way from beginning to end. 


I had just arrived at the gym and climbed onto the stair climber and hit play on my IPhone. I listened to every song and interlude during my workout and finished the rest of the album on my way home. The next day I did the same thing. By the end of that week I had reviewed the lyrics and selected my favorite songs. Sza does an excellent job of boldly stating the thought and feelings that women often have when dealing with love, or what we think is love. The first track is called “Supermodel,” the very first verse sticks out tremendously. SZA sings “I’m writing this letter to let you know I’m really leaving And no, I’m not keeping your shit. Heard you got some new homies, got some new homies, even a new hoe too.” The verse may seem awkward to read, but trust me it’s quite catchy when singing. 


It’s almost like Sza read the world her diary with a beat behind the words. I admire her raspy yet sultry R&B sound. Sza has been receiving tons of praise and love for her album. However, it has come to my attention that so many people are concerned about her track titled “The Weekend.” The Weekend describes Sza being in a love triangle with a man who has a woman. Her exact words are “You’re like 9-5 and I’m the weekend.” 


She describes wanting him to do certain sexual things with her etc. Of course you have women on their high horse speaking negatively about the song and Sza for creating the song. In reality all Sza’s doing is telling a story that many women are familiar with. It doesn’t matter if you knew at the beginning of the situationship, or if you found out as it ended. Either way, you were still in the situation! 


The topic of this song is bothersome to me because I am sick of women attacking other women, and also because there are so many other songs on the CTRL (control) album that deserve our attention! There are so many songs on the album that expresses other scenarios, feelings, and insecurities that women experience while trying to grow, find themselves, and find love that we should be highlighting and discussing! I mean that from track number 1, which is “Supermodel”all the way down to track number 14, which is titled “20 Something.” Everything in between is soul touching. 


I titled this article “Drew Barrymore,” because I love Drew Barrymore as an actress and it’s one of my favorite songs on Sza’s album that deserves our attention and discussion. Sza named this particular track Drew Barrymore because she said the lyrics would be perfect for a role the actress Drew Barrymore played in such movies as “Poison Ivy,” “Boys on the side,”  and Never Been kissed!” 


The album in its entirety is about self-worth and self-love. We discuss showing self-worth and self-love, but we often dismiss the feelings that we have about ourselves that demonstrate the lack of self-worth and love. On the CTRL album Sza openly talks about those negative thoughts, and the overactive consciousness of our brains that often trick us into untruths about ourselves, and others. It even highlights how we’re afraid to lose control even though there is nothing we can do about certain situations. Which, creates the art of letting go!

Listen to the CTRL album for yourself. If you’ve already listened to it,  listen to it again! Listen with less judgement on what you claim your morals and standards are! Listen with open ears, an open mind, and an open heart. 


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  1. I love this album as well. It tells a complete story and one of the few albums I can listen to straight through. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her and her music. Great post!

    1. I love this album she speaks directly to the insecurities that women often have. I hope that her next album is to restore and make women aware that we are the prize and that we ahould embrace our inner Goddess!

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