Ashley Rae is her own brand. Using her daily life as an example to stay positive and focused sets an example for others. Ashley Rae still manages to remain witty, completely honest, understanding, and a realist at the same time. Seeking out the positive in your own life will bring out the positive in those around you. Although life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, Ashley Rae is determined to make you see the best in any given situation. In the words of Ashley Rae “The Ashley Rae Brand is a lifestyle just like loyalty!”

The Ashley Rae Brand consist of the three categories listed below. I hope you enjoy navigating this site.

SELF-HELP BOOK: “How To Play the Game of Life:A guide on maneuvering through life’s challenges.”

There are so many people in the world under stress, depression, and emotional battles that I was inspired to create a realistic self-help book. I’ve gone to seminars and read  self-help books that I felt were non relatable to ordinary people. In my book  I describe realistic life experiences, changes, and roadblocks. Most importantly I discuss how to move forward in life. You can find the details of my self-help book including a promotional video on this website by selecting the BOOK PURCHASE PAGE.



I’m a person that enjoys discussing a variety of topics. I may even be considered a bit of an envelope pusher. If you are easily offended then this may not be the place for you. On this site there will be discussions about everything. There will be post about LOVE, LIFE, WOMEN, MEN, POLITICS, RELIGION, SEX, and everything in between! I enjoy hearing the view points and perspectives of others and I want my voice to be heard as well. I ask that you all remain respectful with your comments and to each other. I really hope you all enjoy this blog. Thanks again and, I appreciate you taking the time to visit


Business writing services are offered on the BUSINESS SERVICE SOLUTIONS PAGE. The services I provide are as follows-

  1. Résumé writing (Including analyzing résumés and providing written feedback, editing functional résumés, and creating new résumés).
  2. Create Cover letters.
  3. Business plans.
  4. Quit Claim Deeds
  5. Notary services (Michigan only)
  6. Interview preparation (Phone, Behavioral, and Panel).
  7. Contract drafting
  8. Employee forms/documents.
  9. Specialty documents.