“The world is coming to an end!” That’s what I constantly hear people saying when they hear something tragic that happened to a child, or when someone is murdered in cold blood. What society has seemed to forgotten is that the world we live in has always been chaotic.

Do you remember how Europeans murdered people before the French invented the Guillotine? They were hung until they passed out, cut open from the stomach, and then quartered (cut the arms and legs off). Any crime at that time was punishable by death. Watching someone die was an event that people took their children to watch. It was comparable to a carnival.

The world has been at war since the very beginning of time- when land/territory was conquered by killing the entire village and raping and killing the children. Those that weren’t murdered were forced to take on the religion and beliefs of their conquerors (Kind of like how Israel became Israel, but that’s another story). If the people refused to conform to the invaders, they too were murdered.

In present day, we have media and personal recording devices to keep people aware of what’s constantly going on in the world, so it seems as if things have gotten worse. In all actuality we just have faster ways to view what’s been going on. Have they gotten worse or do we forget our history too easily? There have been enormous amounts of unjustified killings of Black men and women by the Police and “homeowners” (Ted Wafer). We really have only heard just a few of them. Just imagine all of the cases that happen on a daily basis that we don’t hear about. A mother’s cry that’s never heard by the public.

People are wondering why this is happening, and the answer is really simple: People tend to repeat history. Once you stop paying attention and you become comfortable with your situation, and the minute you decided to stop talking to your children about your experiences growing up because you thought things were different, is the moment you were reminded that NOTHING has changed. There have just been distractions provided to block your focus.

As the temptations would say: “The world is a ball of confusion.” No one knows where the world is headed. A couple of centuries ago, there was a religious group called the Mennonites (The Arc of the covenant) that sat on their roofs waiting for the world to end. I’m sure they were disappointed when they found out the world wasn’t ending. Become a part of the movement. Join your communities. Do anything besides sit around and wait for the world to end.

3 thoughts on “Chaos…..

  1. I agree: What is clearly lacking in the “movement” is ignorance of our history.
    Its bad enough that the education system can be discouraging and many people don’t take the opportunity to seek higher education, but then you have the history of a culture buried within the ashes of their misfortunes and the “word of mouth knowledge” has been forgotten.
    What’s dangerous is that the people of power are very well educated on history and will continue to use the same tactics to control and manipulate.
    Powerless people stay powerless and do nothing to change the “ending of the world”.

  2. I say the same thing all the time, “ain’t nothing new under the sun!” Although I loathe watching fight videos, and refuse to watch a video when someone is being killed, I remind myself that people aren’t desensitized so to speak, once upon a time, one could go to an arena to watch someone fight to the death and there was nothing wrong with that. And I also stress that “community” is much more global now, so as you stated, it’s not that it’s happening more than ever, it’s just that we are aware more than ever. My coworker just asked me do I think we are moving into an age where every one is function on a higher level spiritually like never before, and I said no. We (humans) have been for here for a long ass time, and I’m sure what you are talking about has already happened many times before i.e. Age of Aquarius. Lastly, I think it’s important to know your history without living there…and to remember that history is usually written by the victors.

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