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I am disappointed in the amount of people that are on my timeline watching any NFL game. I was asked why do I want people to boycott the NFL, but not have the NFL players boycott the NFL. I never said that I didn’t want the players to boycott! In fact, I wish they would! However, they are under a contract and many of the players are young. Sometimes we don’t understand the underlying meanings of actions or lack of actions in pressing circumstances.

Let me just get to why I am disappointed. The NFL has black balled a player for kneeling and/or sitting during the national anthem and for voicing facts of the unjust treatment of Black people in America along with discussing police being able to kill Black people routinely without any consequences behind their actions! Keep in mind the NFL is 70% Black.

The NFL is ultimately telling Black people that they don’t care what happens to us, and what our experiences are as long as we generate money for them! “Keep shucking and jiving boy, and everything will be fine.” The American national anthem is a racist ass song period! There is nothing in that song that Black people or any other ethnic group should be proud of!

There isn’t anything disrespectful to the country about sitting or kneeling during the national anthem. You know what is disrespectful to this country? Waving around a God damned confederate flag! You know why? Because, the south lost the war! The south was literally against the country! Yet, and still people do it and aren’t being punished for it. How about the country has never respected Black people anyway, so could you blame us for giving the country that same treatment?

This is not about Kaep getting a job! This is about respecting and acknowledging Black issues in America! It’s about having the freedom to address them head on, and finding out who will support you on the journey!
At what point do you have any self-respect or dignity as a man or woman: As a human? You can’t stop yourself from watching a game? It’s really simple. The NFL does not respect its players! The NFL’s concern is the same as Massas. Do what you are told to increase their income. You step out of line and you will be punished.

You can be anything you want to be in America except for pridefully Black and free!


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  1. Hmm…I really don’t know how to comment on this, other to say I see the flag as a symbolism of all of the things that allow NFL players the ability to do what they do, earn what they earn and be who they are: 100% free men who play a game for millions of dollars a year, while homeless people of all colors lie in their own filth on the street without a dime to their name.

    1. Thank you for responding. The issue really isnt the flag it’s the song. However, neither one were meant to include African Americans. 70% of African Americans make up the NFL, so for the NFL to clearly black ball Kaepernick because he isn’t afraid to say “How can a stand for a Country that allows police officers to kill unarmed African American people on camera and never get punished for it?” That doesn’t sound like justice for all to me. In exchange for those millions of nonguaranteed dollars football players get torn up bodies, CTE, concussions, and tons of othee health problems. I’m sure that every NFL player has something setup to help those that are in poverty. However, poverty is a global Government issue. There is money for war but we can’t feed the poor?! There is enough money for everyone to eat and have somewhere to comfortable and clean to live.

    2. Making millions playing a game is a result of any rights, it’s a result of capitalism. The flag ont he other hand is a symbol of freedom, justice, and the right for all men to pursue happiness. It’s also a symbol of the RIGHT for Americans to dissent when those rights are being institutionally taken away from any one or more groups of people. People did the same thing during the civil rights movement, would you be feeling the same way as you do now? People were dying back then and they are still dying today because of racism. #takeaknee

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