It’s not ok for Rachel Dolezal to play Black!

imageMany people are saying that no one should be upset or mad that Rachel Dolezal is claiming to be Black. The supported reasons that I’ve seen posted are: “Black people wear weaves!” “Some black people do skin lighting treatments… or wear light makeup to alter their appearance.” (Black skin and make-up selection history is a whole new discussion). Continue reading “It’s not ok for Rachel Dolezal to play Black!”

Perception… Is it reality?!


People perceive messages, looks, and behaviors of others and internalize them. They interpret what they think it means. For example: A friend of mine asked me if she should wear this particular dress without stockings or leggings. I politely informed her that she should wear stockings or a longer dress. Maybe both.

My thought process was I didnt want people making rude comments about her size, cellulite, and the way the dress looked on her period. An observer’s (another friend of ours) perception of the same situation was that I was being mean. Why is honesty perceived as being mean instead of just being honest? Are we in that much denial as a society that we want people to lie to us even though we asked for the truth?! Unfortunately, that’s not something I’m willing to do!
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