Vegas Shooting

By Ashley Rae

Last night (early this morning) Police responded to a 911 call around 10pm PST (1am EST) that there was a shooting at the Country festival in Las Vegas, NV near the popular hotel and casino Mandalay Bay as well as McCarran International airport. Festival goers reported hearing noise that sound very similar to firecrackers. Witnesses stated that the noise grew closer and people around them start screaming they were hit. Witnesses say the sound of bullets became more rapid and people started hitting the ground.

Country festival performers that were on stage began to exit the stage and look for cover. More and more people began to fall to the ground: That was the first round of shooting. A second round of shots occurred. Realization of what was happening and panic began to take place. The scene had been described as “pandemonium” at best.

It’s now being reported that more than 50 people are dead and at least 406 people have been injured. It’s said that a lone gunman began firing shots from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay’s hotel and casino resort. The shooter has been identified as Stephen Paddock. Paddock is a 64 year old gunman from Mesquite, Las Vegas Police officers found multiple weapons in the room of Paddock. 62 year old Marilou Danley was the roommate of Paddock has been located by police. Paddock has been shot and is in serious critical condition.

Motives have not yet been defined and/or released. McCarran airport has cancelled multiple Flights and are working on a limitrd schedule for the day. This story will be updated as more information becomes available. Thank you for visiting

2 thoughts on “Vegas Shooting

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this terrible event. It’s sad that things like this are still happening. The country and politics will have a discussion about gun control for about a week and then the arguments will fade, same cycle after a mass shooting. The victims will be lost in arguments on whether or not there should be gun control, then you’ll have the conspiracy theorist, etc. Nobody of importance to help ease this blow that the family and friends of the victims have been dealt.

    1. That’s so true! It’s just a vicious cycle of word play to make it appear that a solution will be reached. I don’t think there is much that can be done. I sincerely empathize with those who have sufferrd a loss due to this tragic event.

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