Don’t say it…




It seems since the take over of social media many people have become desensitized about what’s inappropriate to say and or do depending upon the situation. Here are some random things you shouldn’t do or ask- “Is that your real hair?” That’s so rude! Asking a person how much they pay for personal items is inappropriate unless you have that kind of friendship with them. Taking selfies at a funeral is inappropriate, period! It’s not about how cute you think you look at a funeral it’s about paying your respect to the deceased. Putting your children’s faults or personal mishaps on social media is inappropriate! That’s not the publics business! Then you get mad when someone comments on the situation even though you made it accessible for comments. Continue reading “Don’t say it…”

Interview with Reverend Pastor David A. Bullock of Oxygen’s show “Preachers of Detroit”

FullSizeRenderA little before Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday), we were able to have a sit down interview with currently the most talked about Pastor on Oxygen’s show “Preachers of Detroit,” Pastor David A. Bullock. Pastor Bullock has been the Senior Pastor at Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church for the last 10 years. Pastor David Bullock is of course a Pastor, an Activist, Advocate, Founder and official spokesperson for The Change Agent Consortium (C.A.C.) which is a national coalition of faith labor, civil rights, and active citizens. He’s also a professor and now to add to his list of titles and talents a cast member of “Preachers of Detroit.” Continue reading “Interview with Reverend Pastor David A. Bullock of Oxygen’s show “Preachers of Detroit””

Stupidity and the Internet…


I bet you thought common sense was something that many people possess.  Then, the issues you thought were obvious were displayed on the internet, and the people you thought you knew and understood proved you wrong. I can’t begin to tell you how often I had to take a step back and say “Are you serious?!” or “Do  you really believe that?!” Now, I can honestly say that many comments, posts, meme’s , etc no longer surprise me.  Some of them are disappointing, but not surprising. Continue reading “Stupidity and the Internet…”