Don’t say it…




It seems since the take over of social media many people have become desensitized about what’s inappropriate to say and or do depending upon the situation. Here are some random things you shouldn’t do or ask- “Is that your real hair?” That’s so rude! Asking a person how much they pay for personal items is inappropriate unless you have that kind of friendship with them. Taking selfies at a funeral is inappropriate, period! It’s not about how cute you think you look at a funeral it’s about paying your respect to the deceased. Putting your children’s faults or personal mishaps on social media is inappropriate! That’s not the publics business! Then you get mad when someone comments on the situation even though you made it accessible for comments. Continue reading “Don’t say it…”




There is so much to be concerned about everyday. Mothers and Fathers are concerned about their children, employees may be concerned about their future with their current company, or maybe they’re considering entrepreneurship. Life and the world around us are constantly changing.

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