Family Ties…

Many thoughts and meanings are associated with the word family. Loyalty, blood, unbreakable bonds, and childhood are just a few. We often have this idea of what family should and shouldn’t be, and what they should and shouldn’t do. It seems that we hold our family to the highest standard possible when it comes to relationships with one another. Continue reading “Family Ties…”

Relationship confusion.


There seems to be so much love and happy relationships everywhere you turn. I am a person that loves love, all kinds of love. It doesn’t matter if it’s the love you have for your Mom or your bestfriend it’s an amazing feeling. However, I want to focus on the love that you receive within relationships with your boyfriend or girlfriend (significant others). There are people that love each other and show that love for each other by mirroring one another’s love. There are always those that demonstrate their love in completely different ways, but it’s just how they love (Here is where things get twisted). Continue reading “Relationship confusion.”

Don’t Get Gay Married…..


It has been brought to my attention on numerous occasions that people are constantly worried about the wrong Sugar Honey Iced Tea. People are concerned about their same sex oriented neighbor! Why, you ask? Simply because they like the same sex! Same sex orientation isn’t a new practice or idea, so what’s the problem?!
Continue reading “Don’t Get Gay Married…..”