Support DPS!


A Detroit resident posed a question via Facebook to the Governor “Why isn’t the state of Detroit Public Schools (DPS) considered an Emergency?” Teachers have been suffering from massive pay cuts yearly and working in buildings with warped floors, falling ceiling tiles, and mold!. Although teachers have a union it seems since Governor Snyder made Michigan a “Right to work” State the strength of unions have changed. Continue reading “Support DPS!”

Is being smart a bad thing?

imageKaty and Ken are on their third date. They are enjoying cocktails and conversation at a popular steakhouse while waiting on their meals to arrive. Ken has been the leader of the conversation, introducing all of the topics. Ken is surprised that Katy knows some information on the majority of the topics that he’s mentioned.
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Detroit’s Education statistics


Have you been in the car listening to the radio and a commercial about Detroit’s high school graduation rate comes on?! As I’m listening to the commercial I’m thinking to myself “Self, as much as these corporations are pushing education, these statistics can’t be accurate.” In 2012 the graduation rate was said to be 59%. In 2013 the rate increased by 5% bringing it to 64%. After hearing this commercial several times I decided to dig around for some information. Word for word, here is what I found: