Who’s going to help us?


After hearing about Alton Sterling, of North Baton Rouge, being murdered by the police I immediately felt dizzy. When I was able to view the gruesome shooting my chest began to feel tight and I could feel the chunks of vomit building up in my throat. All of these thoughts and images of the different men and women that have been killed by the police started to play in my mind like a movie. Then I started to think about how I would be harassed via social media if I decided to speak out against police brutality. Continue reading “Who’s going to help us?”

Shoot first ask questions later: Tamir Rice.


To Samaria- I hope that the support that you receive from your family, friends, and supporters bring you comfort. I know the pain you are enduring cannot be erased. I just hope that there is something that brings you peace.. Continue reading “Shoot first ask questions later: Tamir Rice.”

All That Matters:Being against the acknowledgement that #BlackLivesMatter


I’m having a difficult time understanding why so many people are against The Black Lives Matter movement. How can one deny a movement that’s so necessary and prevalent? Why would you want to deny or speak negatively of the movement?  The torture and abuse enforced on Black and Brown citizens due to Police Brutality (in some cases it’s fake cops) all across the United States of America is what sparked the movement.  Police brutality seems to almost never come to surface when discussions are had about the Black Lives Matter movement. However, what seems to always come up in discussions about Black Lives matter is All Lives Matter. Continue reading “All That Matters:Being against the acknowledgement that #BlackLivesMatter”