Stupidity and the Internet…


I bet you thought common sense was something that many people possess.  Then, the issues you thought were obvious were displayed on the internet, and the people you thought you knew and understood proved you wrong. I can’t begin to tell you how often I had to take a step back and say “Are you serious?!” or “Do  you really believe that?!” Now, I can honestly say that many comments, posts, meme’s , etc no longer surprise me.  Some of them are disappointing, but not surprising.

Have you ever been scrolling through your instagram time line and read a post that was absolutely absurd? Do people really believe that everything that is on a Me Me is true or relatable? You ever comment on someone’s status on Facebook and they get mad because you don’t agree with what they said? Then they make another post saying something about how they wish people would “shut up?” Word to the wise (well not so wise) if you don’t want people to comment or express their opinions, don’t post anything!

I’m full of my own thoughts views and opinions. However, I never get mad because someone doesn’t agree with me. That’s the way of the world. How boring would it be if everyone had the same opinions? You shouldn’t be upset when you post something ignorant and you get a response that you don’t agree with. Maybe some form of a thought process should develop within your brain before you select the post icon.  Sometimes I just say to myself “They should have never given some of you access to the internet!”

I’m very tempted to give some specific examples but I don’t want to offend anyone. Just do me a favor and think before you post. Take a look at what you actually typed. Proofread it before you post. Most importantly, please stop trying to rationalize irrational statements! I do understand that some people just post things in order to get reactions, but making yourself look ignorant isn’t really worth the attention.

These are just my thoughts on stupidity via the internet.. Let me know what you think and thanks for talking RAE STYLE!

2 thoughts on “Stupidity and the Internet…

  1. I think this is a tough one, I so badly a lot of times want to correct people or ask them why they feel like they should post EVERYTHING they ever do at the moment they do it, or every single solitary thought in their mind, on the internet? Then I had to realize, people have freedom of speech, and can do whatever they want on their pages. Doesn’t stop me from having those feelings though lol. And people get really defensive. I remember a girl was talking about how other people try to be smart by using big words and something about them having tons of grammatical errors, when I pointed out that she often misspells things and uses the wrong words (like she actually used wait instead of weight) she told me spelling wasn’t the same…ok. And lots of times I don’t even bother wasting my time trying to open someone eyes up to something. Cause they aren’t ready. So I just clock it and keep it moving. I can share stories of stupidity but this is already long lol. Oh but before I go, I like to tell people, Facebook and the people on Facebook (or any social media) aren’t nosy, you put your own damn business on their. So don’t blame the pencil for making a mistake on the paper.

    1. I want someone to inform me when Im ising the wrong word or spelled something incorrectly it’s learning. I often rush through things and I think many people do and errors are made that way. “Trying to sound smart” is basically them saying that they are dumb! Lol you post your business and you’re mad that have an opinion about it?! Makes no sense to me.

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