So she’s a slut?: Amber Rose


I know you all have heard about Amber Rose’s slut walk. I think it’s pretty interesting how she came up with the idea. It all started because Kanye West went on a live radio station and stated that Kim Kardashian made him take multiple showers before sleeping with her because he was previously with Amber Rose (Gives major side eye). The audacity of Kanye, who was once in a relationship with Amber, has publicly admitted they broke up because he was extremely cruel to her after the death of his mother.

What I want to know is what exactly is it about Amber Rose, who likes to refer to herself as Muva – a slut? Is she a slut because she was once an exotic dancer? Is she a slut because we know two people she slept with, one being her ex husband? The media and others have been calling Rose and her bestie, Blac Chyna, sluts almost immediately after their relationships ended with their spouses. Blac Chyna was in a relationship with rapper Tyga and they have a child together. Ironically enough, Tyga is in a relationship with Kylie Jenner which he has been with since Kylie was a minor. Whenever Amber posts pictures on instagram of her body, dances, or displays her sexuality she is always called a slut.

It’s not just Amber that gets the slut title, it’s women period! A woman can’t have a one night stand and go home the next day without her journey home being called, “The walk of shame.” Why should she be ashamed? Can a woman not make a decision to seek satisfaction for a night?Shouldn’t she have the right to feel good when she leaves? What’s wrong with her doing what she wants with her body? After all… it is hers! Just because you know a few people that a woman has been in a relationship with or dated doesn’t make her a whore. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard people say that they know how many people that a woman has “been with” so that automatically makes her a slut or a whore, or whatever terminology you prefer to use to refer to a woman who is comfortable with her sexual prowess.

Do you know how many women are called sluts that have been raped? Too many! That’s how many. Women that know their rapist and actually turn the rapist in are often told they asked for it or it was consensual sex. How twisted is that? You are deemed anything & everything but your name in both of these situations. In both situations a woman is told sex has now deemed her to be a hoe or slut; by having sex with the person she was just recently married to, the person she was sexually assaulted by, the person she had sex with by her choice… the list goes on and on, and in the end you are still giving the title of “SLUT!” It looks like the only option is to be married and sexually bound to one man for your whole life to not be called a slut. However, don’t let him fall out of love with you and refer to you as a slut, hoe or even a bitch when speaking on your name. Muva is taking a stand on these very issues presented here!

Here is what I love about Muva- she isn’t ashamed. When Muva and her Bestie walked the red carpet with clothing that had slanderous words printed all over them (In picture featured above) the message was clear! That message of “Im saying this about myself so what else can you say about me?” She’s making a statement that the choice is hers! If she or any other woman decides to say yes or no that’s their business!

The slut walk has been created for women to empower themselves from being shamed about sex, sexuality, sexual choices, sexual partners, and rapes (non-consensual sex). Before you call someone a slut, remember that it’s not your vagina therefore it’s not your business!

6 thoughts on “So she’s a slut?: Amber Rose

  1. I thought this was good. Women should not be shamed because they have tapped into their sexual powers. Like Karine said ” I was not called a slur until I got I with you ” She is dropping knowledge for the 6 minutes.

    Good post.

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate you commenting. Society seems to be obsessed with characteristics that it has assigned yo each gender. Not to mention misogyny is in the DNA of our existence. Be sure to share this site with a friend and check out some more blogs!

  2. Thank you so much. I appreciate you commenting. Society seems to be obsessed with characteristics that it has assigned yo each gender. Not to mention misogyny is in the DNA of our existence.

  3. This is truly an amazing topic of discussion. But I’m side eyeing KK because she has a heck of a track record not to mention that’s the cat callin the kettle black wow. I love AMBER & BLK CHYNA they are great mothers and women who

    1. I love them too and I actually like KK with her narcissistic behind! Amber can own up to her stuff no matter what. She can explain to you why she did whatever and KK on the other hand just doesn’t own up to anything and somehow has managed to put herself on a pedestal

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