Is it dating?!


Dating can be tricky in 2016. Hell, dating can be down right scary! Some people are dating to find a mate, and others are dating just to have a good time. Usually for a man to take a woman on a date, it means that he somewhat likes her. At the very least, he’s interested in her. Women accept date offers mainly to determine if they like the person, and to view the guy’s behavior and actions in public. Dates also determine chemistry between both parties.

After a first date, A woman usually knows if she’s going to go out with you again. If it appears to you that she is no longer interested after the date, she’s probably not. Let me be vivid when I say “appears” not to be interested: Does she take her time responding to your text? Does she all of a sudden respond to your messages using 1-5 words? If so, it means she’s not interested! She’s slowly guiding you into the friend zone.

Unfortunately, we (women) can’t just say we aren’t interested, because it can come across as mean and hurtful- although really it’s just being honest. Women are taught to protect men when it comes to rejection. Apparently society believes that protecting men from rejection is more important than a woman telling the truth. Therefore, you have to learn how to recognize the signals she’s giving to you.

Now- if you’ve just been talking to a woman via text or phone for a month or more and you haven’t been on a date, know that she is not taking you seriously, because to her, you aren’t taking her seriously either. Every time you contact her, she’s wondering what it is that you want. If you actually like this woman and consider yourself to be “slow and steady”, I’m going to suggest you find out what she likes to do and plan a date with her ASAP, because I guarantee you she’s going on dates now. It’s just not with you!

Below are some helpful hints to help with the dating process. HAPPY HUNTING!

1. Let your intentions be known.

2. If you haven’t been on 3 or more dates, you’re not dating!

3. If you haven’t been on an actual date, you’re not dating!

4. If you get the feeling that he or she isn’t putting in the same

5. Be honest with yourself!!

6. Follow your first mind and that gut feeling. It’s really your instinct!

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