Don’t Get Gay Married…..


It has been brought to my attention on numerous occasions that people are constantly worried about the wrong Sugar Honey Iced Tea. People are concerned about their same sex oriented neighbor! Why, you ask? Simply because they like the same sex! Same sex orientation isn’t a new practice or idea, so what’s the problem?!

I’m willing to bet money that you know someone that is same sex oriented and you don’t even know. They are keeping it from you because they know that your brain can’t accept anything other than what society told you was right, what the Bible told you was right, or what the person who raised you told you was right! My thing is this: If you don’t like same sex oriented relationships PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T INVOLVE YOURSELF IN ONE!

Instead of concerning yourself with someone else’s affairs that don’t affect you, why not focus on the things going on in the world that do affect you directly?! For example, who else is your significant other screwing? Oh wait, you think it’s just you right? Worry about raising your fatherless son, or your motherless daughter (dead beat parents). After all, you selected those people to have children with.

Hmmmmmm, Let’s see what else you could be concerned about… You could be concerned with the child molesters that live in your neighborhood because they get 2 to 5 years for stealing the innocence of children. You could be concerned with why corporations own schools and prisons all over the USA. You could be concerned about why so many organizations aide children in other countries but are reluctant to assist the ones here! Oh! How about everything you consume is pretty much cancer causing, pumped with hormones, or cause irregular fat cells! Are you ranting and raving to your Government about any of these issues?! Of course not, because the Government is distracting you with something they know the average mind will be consumed with! Yup! Gay Marriage!

I don’t think people choose to be gay so that they can be harassed, bullied, or tortured! However, if they did make that conscious choice, so what! Here is the bottom line if you are against Gay marriage or gay relationships: DON’T GET GAY MARRIED AND DON’T DATE ANYONE THAT’S THE SAME SEX AS YOU!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED…..

Last but not least, you can’t bring yourself up by trying to bring another person down. That’s evil! Add a D in front of the word evil and what word do you get? Check yourself!

8 thoughts on “Don’t Get Gay Married…..

  1. I remember and old coworker of mine was talking about her brother and she said he’s gay and she doesn’t agree with his lifestyle. I said to her, good thing you don’t have to! BTW I’m not even sure why you felt the need to mention to me that he is gay!

    1. She couldn’t just mention her brother smh. People are too concerned with other people’s business.

  2. Some people are afraid of what ppl think when they don’t need to be…in most cases a lot of people dont even care what your sexual preference is…its like they are putting themselves in a box because of fear. Forcing themselves to like something or someone they really have no interest in. However, i do understand there are people that dont agree but if God is the only JUDGE then who are you?? So, sometimes a person could feel just stuck!!

    1. You said the point though God is the only judge! Many people fail to remember that. They often fail to recognize their own battles! People just need to relax and let these people live!

  3. The LGBT community get treated as though they are the worst people in the world all because the Bible says it’s an abomination and a city was destroyed and etc. The Bible lists many things as abominations but nobody is fighting against those things.

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