Between Black men & women..



The existence of Black people in this country (USA) is rooted in an extremely complicated past. By complicated, I mean children being taken from their Mothers and sold into slavery. Women being raped by the Master in order to produce more slaves. Husbands being emasculated by the Master in front of his wife and family; ultimately leaving him powerless. Did I mention women being raped in front of their husbands? Again, leaving the Black man powerless to protect her. Hundreds of years of beating, lynching, and being treated like animals has definitely taken a toll on our ethnic group as a whole. For hundreds of years Black women have been unprotected, and not just because of the cruelty of slavery. Continue reading “Between Black men & women..”

Tis the season..


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The holiday preparations started in mid October for retailers with their decorations and sale items. It seems that retailers push Thanksgiving and Christmas together. While many people are checking out sales prices on items their kids want and taking notes on what to get Mom for Christmas, others just feel somewhat overwhelmed by it all.

There are just a few things I want everyone to consider. Although you may consider Thanksgiving and Christmas to be the umtimate holidays remember that everyone may not celebrate or participate for Religious or personal reasons. The holiday season also brings about lots of sadness. Recently I had a discussion with a friend about how the holiday season makes me nervous and I actually dread it because you seem to hear about so many deaths between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Therefore if you know someone that has lost a loved one please don’t attempt to drown out their sorrows with holiday cheer. It will not work and will probably make the person feel worse. I’m simply asking for consideration of others while you continue your holiday cheer.

Remember what the holiday’s are supposed to be about which is peace, love, and family. If you happen to have all three and more consider yourself fortunate!

Happy Holiday’s if you celebrate!

Interview with Reverend Pastor David A. Bullock of Oxygen’s show “Preachers of Detroit”

FullSizeRenderA little before Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday), we were able to have a sit down interview with currently the most talked about Pastor on Oxygen’s show “Preachers of Detroit,” Pastor David A. Bullock. Pastor Bullock has been the Senior Pastor at Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church for the last 10 years. Pastor David Bullock is of course a Pastor, an Activist, Advocate, Founder and official spokesperson for The Change Agent Consortium (C.A.C.) which is a national coalition of faith labor, civil rights, and active citizens. He’s also a professor and now to add to his list of titles and talents a cast member of “Preachers of Detroit.” Continue reading “Interview with Reverend Pastor David A. Bullock of Oxygen’s show “Preachers of Detroit””

So you think you’re Grown?!


I am not a mother but I am a leader, a life learner, and a mentor. When I was a teenager, I had my times with my smart mouth just like any other teenager, but I was never disrespectful to adults. Even if I didn’t want to hear what an adult was telling me, I listened anyway because you can’t debate an adult. Debating an adult would be disrespectful.
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Detroit’s Education statistics


Have you been in the car listening to the radio and a commercial about Detroit’s high school graduation rate comes on?! As I’m listening to the commercial I’m thinking to myself “Self, as much as these corporations are pushing education, these statistics can’t be accurate.” In 2012 the graduation rate was said to be 59%. In 2013 the rate increased by 5% bringing it to 64%. After hearing this commercial several times I decided to dig around for some information. Word for word, here is what I found: